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I'm back


I am back. It has been forever. I never had the time to post anything to this but I am back. I am currently working overnight and needed something to do to help bypass the time.

So if there is anyone still out there who still reads this. Please shoot me a comment.

So what is all new.

Probably a lot. My daughter is getting bigger and bigger everyday! This evening we had a good time playing. I wasn't doing anything really other then chasing her a little bit and she was laughing her head off. She was having a great time. It one of the best things in life.

We are getting a snow storm today... it has already started and it's currently 5 AM... Yes 5 AM and I am up. Again back to the working overnight thing...

So basically I am the one who gets stuck covering the back shift when they need someone because I just don't say no. Also didn't help my Boss told me when I was incredibly drunk at our work Pub Crawl. Good times from what I can remember! It was one of those nights!

A blurry night to not remember!


Writer's Block: First and only

Is there a film that you think is perfect in its original form and should never be remade?

Fight Club

Writer's Block: Search for intelligent life

Do you believe there is other intelligent life in distant galaxies? If no, why not? If yes, do you believe this is something to be feared and avoided or actively sought out?

Yes because we can not be the only intelligent lifeforms out there.

I don't know if we should fear them but they are probably thinking the same thing about us.

Mar. 28th, 2010

Hitman here,

Haven't really had too much time on a computer recently readers. Have been dealing with a lot of things. Momma D was sick and then I was sick and a whole pile of other things I rather not mention right now.

So I would like to say Happy Early B-Day to MP29 the big 21 tomorrow. Her party was last night and it was a blast. A fuzzy time to remember. LOL j/j

I had fun and so did everyone else. There was a bit there when I was really feeling like I needed to crash. I chilled out off on my own. I remember Dan came in and gave me a great little pep talk and I was good to go again.

Thanks Buddy!

So I will be getting my results back soon on what exactly is going on with in my body and liver.

So to this point I am under the assumtion I may have what it called hemochromatosis. Which is a condition where your iron levels are too high with in your blood and it causes your body to poison itself slowly.

When caught at a young age it can be treated and not cause major damage, but if discovered later in age like 40-50 damge can be setteled in and could cause a whole lot of problems with health conditions.

Basically one treatment is to get blood taken once/twice a week depending how bad the levels are for the rest of my life....

Remember folks... I do not like needles. Well as a recap I don't like needs for the fact almost every time I whad been given one I have been hurt by the nurse putting it in. Either by scraping the bone, driving a needle into my knuckle and then leaving it there for the day. Also most recently when I went for my day surgery to get my liver biopsy done the nurse couldnt find a good vein so she jammed into into the side of my wrist directly into the bone and then couldnt get the plastic iv tube to stay in my arm. I don't mind the fact I have to get one I just hate the fact it's in the hands of a stranger who don't care if I'm going to be hurt or not. Also the fact they need to take bags of blood no viles of blood bothers me. I don't mind blood and guts on movies or even some blood here and there but a bag of blood ewww.... my stomach is turning at the tought of it.

Well that's it for now readers.

Hitman out

Writer's Block: Destined for greatness

Do you believe that a higher power controls our fate or that we choose our own destinies?

Both. Things fall in place for you to decide how to make your own fate.

My Random Fail

Hitman here,

Today I am going to going to have to do the most random fail.

I discovered I can not find my window scraper. So I must go out tonight and scrape the snow off of my car using a CS case.... Fail!
If you're in the U.S., will you watch all or part of the Superbowl? Do you have a favorite team? If you're not American, what do you think about Superbowl Sunday?

I'm not american, and I'm not into sports either. So really to me it's just another game. I can see why americans are so into it. I prefer Wrestling as in WWE so I get hyped when the wrestler I like wins tho its not real.

Those guys are out on the grid iron giving everything they got playing a game they love to be the champions of the superbowl. Like a clash of the titans. Then the fans get to watch history in the making. I completely understand why they love it.

Tought night

Hitman here,

Last night was a very tough night for all in the new place. Ghosts of the past returned with haunting revelations that deeply hurt everyone. Things that haven't really been spoke aloud now being cried and whispered aloud.

Crushing pain and regret filled our lives. Sadly things that can not be changed and hoping we can in anyway shape or form changing the hand that life has delt upon us.

We will survive the sadness but wishing there wasn't sadness.

Something we all wished we could have talked about finally spoken, and we all discovered. We're all still broken.

Hitman... down and out....

Tiring Times

Hitman here,

I haven't posted in a bit but I'm going to try to get as much packed into this post as possible.

Things have been pretty good recently. Found the girl of my dreams, I am happy, and off of my meds. That says alot doesn't it.

They messed me up worse and kept me sad. I need emotions. I couldn't get upset or I would get sleepy so I stayed Monotone... Almost Robotic with feelings but it was angry. Strange huh. Not at anyone or violent angry... like angry can't get out what I feel or really have feelings. So I said fuck 'em and never renewed them.

Ya so I went to the Dr. recently and found out that I am not dying from liver failure, just a fatty fatty.


They tell me I got fat deposits in my liver and I could stand to lose a few pounds. Thanks Dr. Obvious. I'm no Doctor but I didn't need a medical degree to tell me that I could stand to lose weight. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to medical school. I cost me 10 dollars to go to the store and by a scale.

HAHA! Seriously I'm glad it isn't something more serious then put down the fork fatty!
Oh well so I'm starting to diet... well I started out good and then my boss shows up at my office with a Ice Cream Cake from DQ and coffee from Robins for an surprise visit I was instructed to be at work 2 hours early for. Surprise I know you were coming.

So the big news was they we are now no longer shared techs. We are not working for only one Que. Eastlink. Pretty sweet tho instead of over a hundred companies I am now only doing one.

OK also I got my transfer to the main office. Starting Feb.1st. I got my new apartment with my true love. Which was an incredibly fast moving action on her part. Decided to move out on our own instead of staying where we were Two days ago. Now have our own apartment. I know right jeez hardly anytime. And the first place that she looks at is awesome. Top floor but awesome.

So I have been not getting too much sleep lately because A excitement of moving, B Excitement about living with Momma D in our own home, C I have been finally put onto a day shift. For the next two weeks and maybe more after that I dont know yet I am scheduled to work 9am-5pm M-F. Like I know about fucking time.

Well I can't blame them for it because I did ask for dedicated nights for school during the week but weekends were fine to have days.

I never had a weekend off or did I get a day on the weekend unless I specified I wanted it or traded it with someone. Do you know how hard it is to get anyone to work nights on a weekend?
Especially when you are trying to get them to trade with you.

So Im tired and sore. I am trying to get everything all ready to go to town.

Well I post more later.


Writer's Block: Holiday blues

What is the most emotionally challenging aspect of the holidays for you? Do you enjoy this season more or less than you did as a child?

Hitman here,

Figuring out what Parent gets to see me and when.

So I work christmas day for a reason. So neither one gets me.

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