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Mar. 28th, 2010

Hitman here,

Haven't really had too much time on a computer recently readers. Have been dealing with a lot of things. Momma D was sick and then I was sick and a whole pile of other things I rather not mention right now.

So I would like to say Happy Early B-Day to MP29 the big 21 tomorrow. Her party was last night and it was a blast. A fuzzy time to remember. LOL j/j

I had fun and so did everyone else. There was a bit there when I was really feeling like I needed to crash. I chilled out off on my own. I remember Dan came in and gave me a great little pep talk and I was good to go again.

Thanks Buddy!

So I will be getting my results back soon on what exactly is going on with in my body and liver.

So to this point I am under the assumtion I may have what it called hemochromatosis. Which is a condition where your iron levels are too high with in your blood and it causes your body to poison itself slowly.

When caught at a young age it can be treated and not cause major damage, but if discovered later in age like 40-50 damge can be setteled in and could cause a whole lot of problems with health conditions.

Basically one treatment is to get blood taken once/twice a week depending how bad the levels are for the rest of my life....

Remember folks... I do not like needles. Well as a recap I don't like needs for the fact almost every time I whad been given one I have been hurt by the nurse putting it in. Either by scraping the bone, driving a needle into my knuckle and then leaving it there for the day. Also most recently when I went for my day surgery to get my liver biopsy done the nurse couldnt find a good vein so she jammed into into the side of my wrist directly into the bone and then couldnt get the plastic iv tube to stay in my arm. I don't mind the fact I have to get one I just hate the fact it's in the hands of a stranger who don't care if I'm going to be hurt or not. Also the fact they need to take bags of blood no viles of blood bothers me. I don't mind blood and guts on movies or even some blood here and there but a bag of blood ewww.... my stomach is turning at the tought of it.

Well that's it for now readers.

Hitman out

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