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Seeing Momma D

Hitman here,

Today I am working ..... well.... at work not really working hard. I'm pretty bored at the moment.

I went into town on Thursday and seen Momma D.
I was really surprised when I was informed they had a puppy and it was a Massive St. Bernard Puppy almost as tall as I am.

I got in there and I felt right at home. Everyone was so nice who lived there, and seems like a relaxing place to be.

I gave her a present and she loved it, correction everyone loved it but it looks like Candy and everyone assumed you could eat it.
Speaking of eating I thought the dog was going to eat me a few times. Not that it's cross it's so big I could be like a chewy snack.

So we spent the day together with Jess and went all around town on a adventure.

We went to a friend of theirs house, we went to the Downtown mall, Indigo, Wild Impulse to check out the adult section. Journeyed to Afternoon Delight.
They were closed when they were supposed to be opened. We are so disappointed.

Went to Zeller's and walk around the Zeller's mall. We went back to her place and watched a few movies.

Then the next day after a little bit of partying the night before we visiting the Mafia Princess before I escaped back to Souris.

I really didn't want to leave my friends, I didn't want to leave the fun that is town and I especially didn't want to leave her. I miss her alot.

I discovered that I had this strange feeling, that I haven't felt in a very long time. I wasn't surprised by the fact that I felt it but I was surprised it happened so fast and so hard.

The feeling that makes you wanna smile all of the time. I was truly happy. I didn't need my anti-depressants. I didn't need to fake smile or fake laugh. I was truly happy. I honestly can't remember the last time I was truly happy with someone.
I am happy with my friends but I mean just being with someone knowing they are not just being nice to you because you have money or what I could do for them.No I was truly happy and content just being there, so much I didn't want to leave.

I was surpized when Momma D, Jess and a New Friend I will call Ti-Dye Katie lol because she has a Ti-Dye Cousin It, came to see me late last night( Friday night ). Just to say Hi before Journeying to Moncton for the day.

I was really happy to see the both or them it was a surprise because I dont get many visitors out here in the town that time forgot Souris.

Hope you girls had a great time. :D
Hitman out

Storm Go Away

Hitman here,

I'm currently at work at the start of a potential snow storm. I just asked to be relieved from my post to go before the storm strikes hard. I was denied leave because I am needed.

I wish I didn't live so close to my work. I am supposed to go to Charlottetown to go see Momma D but if the roads are bad I am going to have to go tomorrow.

I was just informed the RCMP is urging people to stay off the roads because they are bad.

I was just informed that in town the plows are out so you never know it might just be nice enough to get in there.

It looking really crappy out here.

Hope it gets better

Hitman out

Long time not post.

Hitman here,

Ok so I know it has been a long time now loyal readers. I have been pretty busy with personal affairs, and life in general. :P

I said it before and I will say it again. Life is nothing like the brochure said it was going to be like.

So I'm gonna gift some brief details about what all has been going on.
Que 80's Montage

Working all the time
Catching up with friends
Love life stinks
Actually no love life
Always going home alone!
( Tho I don't go looking so no biggie )

Tried to get of my my meds
with out consulting a doctor.
That got a little

Thought I killed my car
turned out it was the transmission fluid hose
$100 fix

Got accepted into school
Information System Specialist
$22,000 couse
Student loan?
Only gave me $3000

Didn't go to school
Stuck on nights because I was supposed to go to school

Working all time
Father's wedding
He got really drunk
Sober drive
That kinda sucked
Christmas shopping done
Waiting to go to school in January

Now we finish with a montage.
Even Rocky had a Montage!

Good to see my sense of humor didn't fade.

So yah life kinda comes at you fast. So when life stares you straight in the face. Grab it by the throat and make it do what you want.

So on the lighter side of things. I finished reading New Moon and also complete reading The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Both were good but I liked the survival guide more. I was kinda expecting more from New Moon. I don't know why.
Currently I am reading World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks

Working nights is getting pretty tiring but I guess I shouldn't complain I asked for it. It does have it perks tho. I get to sleep in if I want to because I don't work until 430-5 PM. I Got the basically most of the day to get done want I want to do. It's some times is kinda slow at night time compared to the day shift so I get to slack off a bit and some times catch up on some reading or even watch a couple of DVDs while I'm working.

My life is pretty much routine now. Little variations are made from time to time but its mostly. Get up watch tv/dvd, do some running around if needed. Lunch, relax a bit more. Get ready for work. Go to work, go home. Pop in a DVD is nothing good is on tv and then go to bed.

Please take into consideration that at 1-2 am there is either soft core porn/CSI/Disney Channel So I got a lot to choose so much.

So I need some thing new and exciting. So if you can think of something let me know. I need to do something more interesting.


I've been shot

Hitman here,

I can't believe it. I have been shot! I actually let someone shoot me. I got the H1N1 Vaccine shot on Thursday that just passed and my arm is still killing me but that's what is needed to live.  Then hell I'll let someone shot me.

In all seriousness. If you have not gotten a H1N1 shot yet. What are you waiting for.  I understand if they ran out of vaccine but if you just didnt go you really should. It's killing people in our age bracket. I heard of a 18 guy dying from it.

The stats are 40 each day died from Swine Flu when it first struck. Why are you not getting the shot. It's already making it's rounds again.  One person I know personally may have it and he is only 12.  Someone who hasn't really had a chance to live his life, might die if it's H1N1. 

Get your shot!


Eating meat

So true

Have you ever participated in a seance? If not, would you consider it? What spirit would you summon and what question would you ask them? Do you believe we can get messages from the dead?

Yes I have and I asked the Spirit world if my grandmother is doing well in the after life and they said she was so I was glad. There was also some bad things that came out of there too. I rather not get into that now.


Cops and Robbers

Hitman here,

 I went to the drug store today and I was searching through the Halloween items. My father is getting Married on the 14th of November. So I picked up a Ball and Chain.  I then looked around some more and found a Sexy guarder belt with a Hottie Police badge on it and a toy gun. The package has a half naked sexy blonde dressed as a cop on it. I got it to put into my bestman speech.  I turned it over to look at the price and began to choke on the gum I had in my mouth at what I saw.

A man came to my assistance but I already had the gum coughed back up. I explained why I was choking. On the back of the package it has a warning stating " Not for children under the age of 5 " 

I then proceeded to make my way to the cash laughing the whole way there. I explained the ordeal to her and then showed her the warning. She began to laugh and I said if I ever have children they are never allowed to pay Cops and Robbers especially if they are girls.

Hitman wants to play cops and robbers

Writer's Block: Take the pain away

If you could say anything you want to the person who has hurt you most in life, what would it be? Did you ever confront them? Why or why not?

I did confront the person who hurt me the most in my life.  I looked him square in the eye and said " Listen, I'm not a scared little boy anymore, I'm not afraid of you anymore. So you better get the fuck out of my face right now or I will knock you the fuck outta it. If you wanna fucking take a swing at me do it but make it fucking good because it will be the last time you ever fucking try to hurt me around because I will lay you the fuck out old man.  " After my father took a fucking fit over something that went wrong with his devorce settlement.  

That was the last time my father has ever tried to take shit out on me.


Good and Bad news

Hitman here,

Loyal readers I know if have not been posting on here a lot because well I have been super busy with work and life.

So I got some good news and I got some bad news.

So I am going to start off with the Good news.

I got accepted into college. I am attending the Academy of Learning. I am taking the Information Systems Specialist course. This is prepare me to work in offices/corporate buildings, and even the government with tech support for their Networks and maintaining all of their computers.

I start November 2nd and will be completed April 2nd 2011.

Now for the bad news.

Some of you know him very well, or even at least met him a few times.

But those who don't know him here he is.

My little buddy, my good friend, my companion and keeper of all secrets, doubts and fears I have.

 Eli my black lab.

Eli just turned one year old recently. These pictures were talking when he was a wee puppy.

Some might remember posts of him chewing on my ears.

He is quiet the little bugger when he wants to be.

He is very smart he knows all of the basic commands and even so really tricky ones. I can get him to do High 5 but just puttting my hand up and say high 5 and he does it.

 Oh look a camera take my good side.

Recently he has been acting a tad strange. He has been barking at people several blocks away. He has been looking at nothing as if there was someone standing there.

We thought he was being strange. Also recently it was like 27 degrees C out side and he was acting if it was cold, because he was sitting there shivering like he does when he is cold.

About a week ago there was a bump on his tongue and it then got swollen up.  Mom called the vet and they could not take him in until later this week.

Tho they were supposed to last week.

Eli as a puppy was having issues eating and been throwing up alot. The vet told us it was because of the clorene on the water and when he switched his water to filter water he was fine.

Also recently he has been eating alot of grass and throwing up.

Last night I came home from work and was told that Eli has a bump on his neck. I was told not two worry but it could be a sist.

Mom informed me that she was going to take him to the vet college today to have him checked out.
Mom also told me she didn't think he would be coming home.

So the morning came after me playing with him before I went to bed.

 Eli is the king of the house and sleeps where ever he feels like it. He basicly runs the house.

I woke up and mom and Eli was gone. I walked around the house and i found in my room one of Eli's toys. He never leaves me his toys in my room. He was playing with it before he left my room last night.  I felt a great saddness and I put his toys on my dresser.

I went to the kitchen and my Step Father was now there. Mom had just called him and said they would be checking on him after 11 am. I went on about my day. I checked the mail, got my rent money, went to the store and got some milk and paper towels.

I came home about an hour later and my step father again was in the kitchen but now he was mopping up split water but he wasn't moving.

He looks at me and says he's not coming home. He is full of cancer they are putting him to sleep. Kerry took it super hard because he has lost a lot of people to cancer. He told me to give him a few minutes and walked into his room.
I stood there in shock I could not believe what I have just heard.

After two or three minutes Kerry comes back out and tells me that they have ran tests and state that he has tumors all around his neck and all through his stomach, he most likely has a tumor in his brain causing him to be going blind and also causing him to have epileptic seizures.

Which explains the barking at the long distance because he can not see them he can only hear them, also explains the shvering, and the staring at nothing.

They said they have to put him down or he will be in alot of pain and will die painfully at home.

A little while later after a long silence and then talking about my schooling.

Mom calls and tells us she is taking Eli home.  They were going to lock him in a cage until Wednesday because they could not euthanize him until then. Eli has never been left alone in his entire life and mom was not going to let some strangers lock him in a cage alone and scared.

Mom took him home and he was all drugged up because they did a biopsy on him.  He is so drugged up he can barley move, but he can lift his head up enough to look at you. Tho he was so tired when I was going to work he couldn't move his head. He moved his eyes to look at me when I was talking to him.

I know I bitched and complained about him. We all did, but you could not have asked for a more better reliable, faithful, protective dog.

Just as a note I started writing this Monday. I am at work so it is now Tuesday
I know today is now my last day going to be with him. So I am going to make it count. I am not going to be there Wednesday to see him leave. I can't it's going to be too hard.

Love you Eli, I am going to miss my special little buddy. You were a good dog and hope no ever thought that you weren't.

Eli never knew me as Hitman

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